You incur all sorts of costs from an addiction—health, financial, legal, interpersonal, and so on. However, you also are getting benefits from it—rewards that often loom larger than life because they are so immediate and familiar to you. People overcome addictions when they realize that it is in their own best interest to do so.

Finally, an Effective Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction – California Health Care Foundation

Finally, an Effective Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction.

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Once you’ve admitted you have a problem, it’s important to have a solid support system helping you along the way. While these friends and family may not have all the answers, they can provide you with a trusting environment when things become most difficult. Before we begin, it should be noted that the steps laid out below are what you go through regardless of whether or not you’re in a treatment facility. Since this is a complicated process, the purpose of rehab is to make it easier and provide you with safety. The first thing to do when you realize you have relapsed is to understand what happened.

More in Addiction is a tool for individuals seeking to find a Drug and/or Alcohol Rehab. We provide a list of treatment centers located within the United States that are JHACO or CARF accredited. Individuals can call the centers directly or call our Toll Free number for further assistance. And if the stigma of residential rehab is holding you back, consider the regrettable situations your SUD has already caused and will continue to cause if untreated. So, please, explore the Life Process Program here and embark on your personal path to recovery.

If you’re going to end the substance abuse completely, the first step will be to determine the severity of the addiction. If you have a history of relapse, it will be hard to quit addiction without rehab. Addictive behaviours at an early age significantly affects brain development and increases the risk of developing a mental disorder as the addiction progresses. Early use also makes quitting addiction on your own more challenging. Seeking a treatment provider for substance use disorder is also highly recommended if multiple substances are involved. Overcoming alcohol, benzos, or cocaine cold turkey can have negative consequences.

Medications for At-Home Detox

Even if a person doesn’t believe that they are in the advanced stages of addiction, they should definitely consult with a physician before attempting to detox on their own. Curious about whether your insurance will cover the entirety of your addiction care? Fill out the form on the page below and an American Addiction Centers admissions navigator will inquire with your insurance company to discover your benefits. Learn more about the levels of care offered at American Addiction Centers’ nationwide treatment centers. Our program offers almost $600 in incentives as you succeed in treatment (known as “contingency management”) to help reward healthy activities and encourage new habits.

Effective ways of managing time properly are in the best interest of individuals, such as making a to-do list, knowing their bounds and limits, and indulging in new activities and hobbies. However, it is still required to contact a doctor for more information before starting the detoxification process. Relying on willpower alone is probably not the best strategy for self-managed detoxification.

Can I Quit Drugs Without Rehab? (Dangers and Treatment Options)

A 2016 study shows that peer-delivered support groups, including 12-step programs, could be helpful when in recovery from addiction. You get to live in a supportive, drug-free environment where you get the support of a certified addiction specialist plus other recovering Expressive Arts Therapy: 15 Creative Activities and Techniques addicts. Sober living houses are helpful if you don’t have a place to go after rehab. In what ways are you building a life that will motivate you to stay sober? When you build upon the meaningful activity, you will be less motivated to return to substance abuse.

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