Why Natural Language Processing NLP is Important for Businesses

importance of nlp

These applications have vast implications for many different industries, including healthcare, finance, retail and marketing, among others. The COPD Foundation uses text analytics and sentiment analysis, NLP techniques, to turn unstructured data into valuable insights. These findings help provide health resources and emotional support for patients and caregivers.

importance of nlp

It enables them to grasp not only words but also nuances such as slang or regional dialects. This level of understanding makes communication with digital systems more intuitive for users.Furthermore, businesses greatly benefit from NLP through data mining and sentiment analysis. By analyzing customer feedback on social media platforms or other online sources, companies are able to gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences.Beyond business applications, NLP has significant societal impacts too. For instance, it aids in translation services breaking down linguistic barriers across cultures thus promoting global communication. Computational linguistics, or the rule-based modeling of human language, is combined with statistical, machine learning, and deep learning models to form NLP.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)

RAKE falls into the category of unsupervised methods, meaning it does not require any training data or labeled datasets. It also does not require prior knowledge about the subject matter or domain of the text data. This makes it ideal for quick keyword extraction from extensive collections of documents in real-time. NER is often used in text classification, sentiment analysis, and information retrieval applications.


Heading into 2021 and beyond, NLP is now no longer an experimental [newline]subfield of AI. Along with computer vision, NLP is now poised to have

many broad-based applications in the enterprise. With this book, we hope [newline]to share some concepts and tools that will help you build some of

these applications at your company.

AI in Robotics: Pioneering a New Era of Intelligent Machines

The first and most important ingredient required for natural language processing to be effective is data. Once businesses have effective data collection and organization protocols in place, they are just one step away from realizing the capabilities of NLP. Natural language processing, or NLP for short, is a revolutionary new solution that is helping companies enhance their insights and get even more visibility into all facets of their customer-facing operations than ever before. In fact, a 2019 Statista report projects that the NLP market will increase to over $43 billion dollars by 2025. Here is a breakdown of what exactly natural language processing is, how it’s leveraged, and real use case scenarios from some major industries. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are having a major impact on countless functions across numerous industries.

  • Word grouping is a feature of text analytics that analyzes the relationships between related phrases.
  • Thanks to Charles Wayne, at America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency during the 1980s, reframed the human computer linguistic problem through another approach, the “common task”.
  • The results are surprisingly personal and enlightening; they’ve even been highlighted by several media outlets.
  • This is another classical problem of reference resolution which has been tackled by machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Developing and deploying sophisticated natural language applications is a significant factor in business. So, let’s understand the importance and need of NLP in the business domain along with various ways by which you can use them effectively. While there are numerous advantages of NLP, it still has limitations such as lack of context, understanding the tone of voice, mistakes in speech and writing, and language development and changes. Computers “like” to follow instructions, and the unpredictability of natural language changes can quickly make NLP algorithms obsolete. We collect vast volumes of data every second of every day to the point where processing such vast amounts of unstructured data and deriving valuable insights from it became a challenge. NLP runs programs that translate from one language to another such as Google Translate, voice-controlled assistants, such as Alexa and Siri, GPS systems, and many others.

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